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Open Source Software 09/27/2009

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photostoryWhile working on my homework assignments I came across a new open source media product made by Microsoft that I am finding rather interesting.  I am not an advocate for anything that has to do with Microsoft, however, this Program, Microsoft Photo Story 3 does look rather promising. 

Microsoft has come up with an application symbolic to iMovie and iDVD made by Apple.  However, Photo is completely free for download and would be great to use within the classroom.  This program is very similar to Microsoft Power Point, however, it is taken to another level.  The presenter is able to create slideshows using digital photos, with the ability to touch, crop, and rotate through and editing program.  You are also able to add special effects such as music,titles, captions and your very own voic narration to your photo stories.  For your final touch, you are then able to burn your photo story to DVD for sharing.

This would be an excellent open source software to include within your classroom because not only does it sound like a fun way to do presentations and research projects, but it is completely free to download and use.  Teachers are able to burn the DVD, give the letter grade and then send home for mom and dad to view! Sounds fun.

Image: Microsoft 


BLOGGING 09/20/2009

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blog-world I have never been on to have a diary, enjoy myspace or facebook, and especially not BLOG. I enjoy blogging, it is a means of communication which, in turn is my expressive style. I like this, especially because of the freedom and the ability that I have to write my thoughts, and have others read what I am writing. Some of you may know me, and others may not, but it is interesting to see what others are going to comment on about my Blog.
I truly feel that this new ( well maybe new to me) means of communication would be wonderful to use in our classrooms. There could be endless possibilities for how you could incorporate this into Education. Building on the foundation of reading and writing, you could set up blog pals with other school districts, turn in assignments online and have peer evaluations with constructive criticism.
Teachers would be able to blog to parents about the daily activities going on within the classroom on the school website.
I was able to do some research and found a classroom who does incorporate web blogging to her six grade class.  Her students truly seem to love doing this.  Take a look, make sure you watch the VIDEO CLIP which features six grade students and what they have learned from web blogging, and why they enjoy it so much. After you are finished with the video clip move onto Jan Smith’s Classroom’s Homepage. It really is wonderful how she is incorporating her daily activities within the classroom onto the web.

Image: WebMedia Alliance


FIREFOX 09/10/2009

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I have never been one to switch my internet browser, I can’t even say that it is because I don’t like change because I love change. Ever since I converted over to the light side of life, that being Apple computers, I have just become accustomed to using Safari. After watching the pod cast on Firefox and seeing some of the cool things that you are able to do with it, I decided to download it, and give it a try.

I’ve found that there are quite a few similarities between the two web browsers. My favorites are the pop up tabs as well as the bookmarks and being able to organize the bookmark folder. However, I enjoy the fact that you are able to customize the Fire Fox display and get “add ons” and themes to enhance your browser. Which Safari does not have.

One of the things that I genuinely like about Fire Fox is that it is able to function on both operating systems. This could be very functional within our classrooms. Some people claim that Safari was not made for Windows correctly, however, Fire Fox has been working very well for both for a couple of years now.


A day in the Life 09/01/2009

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My Husband and I

My Husband and I

My name is Jenna Miller- Smith, I am 25 returning as a Post- Bac to college to obtain my degree in Elementary Education and Special Education.  I work as a Therapeutic Staff Support at Family Therapy Services, Inc in Clarion, which subsequently led me to falling in love with children.  I enjoy working in a classroom everyday, and seeing these children’s faces and knowing that the child I look after depends on me.  It’s a natural high.

College.  There are so many things that I am thankful for, and so many things that I regret my first go around.  I wish that someone would have just pulled me out of bed one day and told me what the world was actually going to be like after marriage and graduation.  Maybe I would have worked a little harder, studied a lot more and actually made sure I attended class.

Life has the ability to be so surprising, especially in ways that you don’t want, or least suspect, or understand why until the after glow. The semester of my graduation, I was diagnosed with Arnold Chiari Malformation and had to undergo decompressing brain surgery last February.  This experience has taught me more than words are able to express, which is one of the many reasons why I am attending school.  One of them being compassion for individuals and an understanding heart.