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Music! 11/01/2009

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music20logosWow! I can honestly say that I never knew that you are unable to use music that was purchased from places like itunes for anything other than home or personal usage.  I guess that I never really thought about it being in the same category as referencing information from textbooks that you have purchased, in a report.  I was even more shocked to find out that you are unable to use purchased music for presentations regardless if it is for educational purposes.  It makes me wonder how places like My Space are able to publicly  use artist’s music for free on their blog pages.  After looking around at some of the available web sites I found that was pretty interesting.  People have the ability to download royalty free music and utilize them in projects.  You  are able to search any type of sound and then have instant access to it.  How cool!


Image:  Rocketsurgeon


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