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Webspiration 10/18/2009

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WebspirationLogoI have never of Webspiration before, therefore, I was very confused when I we were given this assignment of making an account.  After I was able to watch the video blog, I was able to actually get a visual view of what webspiration actually was.  This is a pretty cool tool to use within our daily lives.  I can think of some really interesting ways to utilize this program at home, and in the school.  Educators and students would be able to utilize this tool, to help with brainstorming ideas for papers and projects, grant writing, and classroom lessons.  The great thing about this program, is that you have access to most of this program, for free.  This got me thinking about alternative progams to Webspiration.  All of these programs look equally cool, however, they have two down falls.  One:  Sorry PC’s they are only Mac Friendly!  Two:  They do cost approximatly thirty dollars, however come with other software to be able to use other than web outlines.   OmniOutliner 3.o , Sticky Brain 4.0, Curio 2.4

Image: Dr Z Reflects


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