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New_iMac_KeyboardI am SO in love with Keyboard shortcuts.  Previously when writing in word documents, on the web, and surfing the internet, I have used very simple command shortcuts.  However, the tutorial has helped me understand that there are so many more cool tips and tricks that you are able to use that make your life so much more simple.  Some of my favorites are: undo, autospacing, command-shift->, and those used for graphics.  The invention of the mouse has been so nice, however, especially with laptops utilizing your keypad is just so much easier to use rather than performing a function that takes twice as long.  After I read the tutorial I decided to do some investigating on my own, Microsoft Support has a list of keyboard shortcuts available to view for all word versions.  Feel free to check it out.   HAPPY SHORTCUTTING!

Image: Get Netted


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