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PowerPoint GAMES? Who Knew? 10/26/2009

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ClassroomFeudPreview_MultipleChoice.ppt.02Most people view PowerPoint as a lecture tool, and it is a great lecture tool.  However, after looking for other educational purposes for it I came across something that I never really thought to use PowerPoint for.  Educational Games within the classroom.

PowerPoint has the ability to engage children into review sessions like never before.  Many of these games and templates are available online for free.  These games are based off of television shows like, Family Feud, Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.

Programs like this is what makes learning fun, and actively get children engaged with in their very own education.  Those who are in education, or are going for education, need to rely on interactive tools to assist with reviews which, will help with performance.


Webspiration 10/18/2009

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WebspirationLogoI have never of Webspiration before, therefore, I was very confused when I we were given this assignment of making an account.  After I was able to watch the video blog, I was able to actually get a visual view of what webspiration actually was.  This is a pretty cool tool to use within our daily lives.  I can think of some really interesting ways to utilize this program at home, and in the school.  Educators and students would be able to utilize this tool, to help with brainstorming ideas for papers and projects, grant writing, and classroom lessons.  The great thing about this program, is that you have access to most of this program, for free.  This got me thinking about alternative progams to Webspiration.  All of these programs look equally cool, however, they have two down falls.  One:  Sorry PC’s they are only Mac Friendly!  Two:  They do cost approximatly thirty dollars, however come with other software to be able to use other than web outlines.   OmniOutliner 3.o , Sticky Brain 4.0, Curio 2.4

Image: Dr Z Reflects


Google Docs 10/11/2009

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google_docs_e2_compliance After reading the update on blackboard about Google Docs, I decided to look into this a little bit farther.  I must say that this is actually yet another brilliant form of media out together by the makers of Google.  This truly is going to be such a great tool to use with in our classrooms for a number of reasons.  For starters, it is 100 percent free.  You don’t have to pay 100 dollars for the Office Suite.   It includes so many programs like office, which, are useful in our everyday lives.

One of the biggest things that I found to be of interest using Google Docs was the way that you have the ability to send your email/attachment to others, and allow them to modify your work.  I really feel that this would become overall useful to teachers with collaboration, but as well as students.  Students would be able to peer-review their works on the computer.  This would help to bring new media into the classroom. This short video clip helps to put Google Docs in plain English for users of just how it works.

Image: TechToggle



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New_iMac_KeyboardI am SO in love with Keyboard shortcuts.  Previously when writing in word documents, on the web, and surfing the internet, I have used very simple command shortcuts.  However, the tutorial has helped me understand that there are so many more cool tips and tricks that you are able to use that make your life so much more simple.  Some of my favorites are: undo, autospacing, command-shift->, and those used for graphics.  The invention of the mouse has been so nice, however, especially with laptops utilizing your keypad is just so much easier to use rather than performing a function that takes twice as long.  After I read the tutorial I decided to do some investigating on my own, Microsoft Support has a list of keyboard shortcuts available to view for all word versions.  Feel free to check it out.   HAPPY SHORTCUTTING!

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